Certified Nursing Assistant Salary – Annual Pay For CNA’s


Getting into the nursing field is the perfect job if you want something that is secure and pays a decent income. While there are different levels of nursing jobs like RN’s, certified nursing assistants are in high demand. Registered nurses can make a lot higher salary, but if you work as a cna then you could be on an hourly wage and earn overtime. Nurses tend to work long ours so overtime adds up quickly and can earn you a lot higher income than just your base income.

An advantage of working as a certified nursing assistant compared to other nursing jobs is the fact that it takes less time to get cna training and start working. The typical cna salary for a cna is around $25,000 to $35,000 per year. This varies depending on your location and work experience. Another benefit of this position is the benefits. Working in the healthcare industry is a way to get great benefits in addition to your salary.

If you are looking for how much does a cna make per hour, you should know that it is really dependent on the facility you work at. The larger the facility the more you will likely make. This is seen in the comparison of working at a hospital or as a caregiver. A cna that works in a hospital can make around $35,000 whereas a certified nursing assistant in a nursing home will typically make around $25,000. Either way if you are just getting started, both positions are a good way to start and get some experience.

Having a cna job will also allow you to make enough to further your education. Training programs for becoming an RN or LVN can be costly and having a well paying job as a certified nursing assistant will help. If you are not interested in advancing your career past a cna then you can still find other positions that will pay more if you choose.

This is an excellent field to get into and offers a lot of flexibility for how much you want to work, where you want to work and how much you want to make. There are so many jobs available for cna’s that you really find a place you enjoy working at and get paid accordingly for your efforts.

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