Certified Nursing Assistant

certified nursing assistantIf you are looking to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant, this is a very important part of the medical team. Long term care units and hospitals are in high demand for this position. A Certified nurse assistant provides front-line nursing care to ill people, in addition to providing moral support to patient family members.

CNA’s also play an important role in assisting registered nurses by working under their supervision. They assist the registered nurses by freeing them up to perform other duties that are more crucial to patient care, however a CNA’s duties are just as important in providing quality care for patients.

Certified Nursing Assistant

A Certified Nursing Assistant is also called a CNA. CNAs are generally employed in hospitals or nursing homes. Sometimes they are employed in private homes where they usually work for a family. Working in this medical position is not for everyone. People who work in this field usually enjoy serving others and genuinely care about providing the very best health care they can.

Having a job as a certified nurse assistant is not easy. There are many physical demands on workers who choose these careers as well as the emotional demands. But working in this field can be extremely rewarding. If you enjoy spending time with patients and enjoy a passion for helping other people, then this career fits both of these criteria.

Certified nursing assistant jobs are currently in high demand and the forecast is that the demand will only continue to grow as the baby boomer population ages. Hospitals are cutting back on their nursing staff and turning more and more to people with this skill level to address the needs of patients. CNA’s support doctors at residential facilities where they help care for elderly patients. They assist physical therapists in caring for injured patients.

Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description

The duties that a certified nurse assistant will perform as a varied as the day is long. They spend huge amounts of time with patients makings sure that all their physical needs are looked after. They will routinely provide bed baths to patients who are confined to bed, assist a patient with dressing or having a meal. They will change dressings or take a patient for a short walk down a corridor or down to the cafeteria.

If you work as a certified nursing assistant, you are a skilled professional who must be licensed by the state nursing board. This means that you will be required to take an examination that will assess your knowledge and skill set. In some locations, nursing assistants are also called licensed practical nurses (LPN). They can also be referred to as nurses’ aides or patient care assistants.

Working as a certified nursing assistant is a wonderful entry level position at a health care facility. Many people eventually go on to become full-fledged nurses by returning to school to earn a nursing degree. After going through a good training program or school, it is quite easy to obtain certification.

Certified Nursing Assistant Classes And Courses

Many people pursue this type of career because they are able to take certified nursing assistant classes while continuing to work part-time in another job. Courses in certified nursing assistant training are not expensive and financing can often be arranged either privately or through government student loans.

Once you have completed your studies and passed your cna exam you will be able to locate a job that will provide you with a very lucrative salary and you should be able to repay your student loans in very short order.

Overall this career path has a lot of advantages and the certified nursing assistant salary and option for advancement make it a great long term career choice. If you love working with people and have a genuine interest in the medical field but do not want to devote four years to schooling while you pursue a nursing degree, then working as a certified nursing assistant might be a good career choice for you.