CNA Certification

cna certificationKnowing the cna certification requirements is important if you are considering pursuing a career as a certified nursing assistant. You probably already know that acquiring the education you will need can be accomplished in many different ways.

Educational and training opportunities are available at community colleges, as well as in hospitals and online. Once you have finished with your formal education, you must then sit for and pass the cna examinations.

CNA Certification

In the United States, the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program is the main exam for CNA certification. These exams are made up of three components, a written, oral and skills testing section. A proper cna training program will help prepare you for all of the different portions of the examination.

Each year, more than a million hopeful nursing assistants take this exam. This medical position is in constant demand and with more and more seniors needing aide, there is a lot of growth within the industry. The job opportunities and salary are two of the main reasons this career path is so popular.

CNA Certification Exam

The written section of the exam consists of multiple-choice questions which cover a wide range of topics that CNA candidates need to know. Candidates are able to take the oral section in either English or Spanish. This section includes 10 comprehension questions as well as a few dozen multiple choice questions.

The skills testing section tests the specific skills that every CNA is expected to have perfected. During this part of the testing process, candidates are given the chance to demonstrate their skills in a simulated clinical setting in the presence of nursing staff and exam proctors who evaluate their performance. This section of testing is crucial in order to assess whether or not the CNA candidate has acquired expertise in practical matters.

In addition to this exam, there are another 250 certification programs which are available to students who have successfully completed the approximately 9 to 12 months of formal learning required for every CNA. Each of these exams have been approved by the Nurse Association Commission of Nurse Accreditation in the United States. Passing the cna exam allows the successful candidate to be placed in their state’s nurse’s aide registry. Once they have joined the state registry, they can then renew their certification on an annual basis.

CNA Certification Requirements By State

In addition to the requirements laid out by the federal government for any certified nursing assistants who work in a nursing home or rehabilitation setting, each state has its own requirements for certification. CNA certification exams are usually overseen by a State Board of Nursing program.

Most states require that each CNA be in good health, without a criminal history and entirely drug-free. Many states also require health screenings and police background checks to be conducted by state officials to ensure that candidates have complied with all regulations. All certifications must be maintained year to year and must be renewed before expiration.

Aside from these rigorous state and federal requirements, each person wishing to work as a CNA must exhibit certain personal requirements as well. CNA candidates must be caring and compassionate people who possess the patience to conduct repetitive activities each day.

They should also possess an unwavering desire to serve as a front line member to the medical team of which they are a member. This is because most patients interact more with CNAs than they do with their physicians and registered nurses.

CNA Certification Classes

Students enrolled in coursework to become a certified nursing assistant can expect to take courses in medical technology, anatomy and physiology, medical office management and clinical procedures in which they will be taught the rudiments of patient care such as how to give baths and change bandages. They will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in all these courses in order to pass their exams.

Online CNA Certification

With the internet becoming a bigger resource everyday, this has lead to there being many online cna certification classes being offered. Keep in mind these are not the actual test s and exams you need to take to become certified but rather they prepare you and provide training. They are not necessarily and replacement for hands on training and you will still have to take clinical portions at a facility, but if your time is short then this may help you.

Career opportunities will be available in most medical fields from geriatrics to pediatrics, home health care and psychiatry. CNAs should acquire as broad an education as possible while in school so as to be qualified to work in any field of nursing. Whether you get your cna certification online or at a school, you will be on your way to a great career in the medical field.