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cna examThe CNA exam is a big fear for people that want to become a certified nursing assistant, but if you are prepared then it should not be a problem to pass with flying colors. One thing that will almost guarantee that you pass is if you get the best cna training possible at an accredited school.

When you go through a proper certified nursing assistant training program they will be teaching you and covering all that you need to pass the cna test. A score of 80 percent or higher is what you will need to achieve to pass and get your cna certification.

CNA Exam Overview

When it actually comes time to take the cna exam, there are two main components. The first will be the skills test, which is hands on. You will perform certain tasks as if you were on the job and then the instructor will rate how you did on each part.

While you can try to practice for the skills portion of the test it mainly comes down to the practice you got in your training program. This is why it is much better to go to an accredited school rather than a 6 week crash course, because nothing can prepare you as much as practice skill sets over time.

The second part of the certified nursing assistant exam is the written portion or most likely a multiple choice format. If you have gone through your training and grasped the material then just doing some review before your certified nursing assistant exam is all you should need to ace this part.

CNA Exam Study Guide

A cna exam study guide will make passing the cna certification test a lot easier as it will help reinforce everything you have learned. Retaining certain information is essential in all medical fields and just going to class will not always help you remember everything.

Make sure if you are looking for a particular cna study guide then get one that is specifically for your state such as a Florida cna exam or North Carolina cna exam practice test. This will insure that that the test questions are applicable to your locale.

CNA Exam Practice Test

A study guide can also have certain portions it it such as a cna exam practice test. A practice test with the cna exam questions is the next best thing to the real test. It will have similar if not the exact questions you will encounter.

It is recommended that you go through the practice test multiple times and look for different test so you can be sure you get all the questions. You can find many practice cna test online, but be sure not to spend to much because you can often find them for free.

Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Tips

One overlooked part of taking the skills test is you want to remain relaxed and in control of yourself. If you are fumbling around and you look nervous then the instructor is likely to think you are not ready and will dock points.

The better score you get the higher the cna salary and wages you will get when you are higher. So be sure that you are ready to ace the test before you take it, because it could cost you money if you don’t do well.

When you are training and going over any study guides or practice tests, it is a good idea to study with a buddy. The best option is to do this with someone that is in your cna training programs. This way you both benefit and learning material with someone else has been shown to help with retention.

As you can see taking the test to become certified is not as hard as you think. It starts with getting the right training, preferably at an accredited institution. Then practice the various parts of the cna exam and you will pass, without any problems.

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