CNA Job Description – What It’s Like To Work As A CNA


The health and medical field is always needing new help and becoming a certified nursing assistant is a great way to break into this sector. It is usually easy to find new cna jobs due to them being so high in demand. This means after you complete your training you will be able to find employment quickly. Below you will find some of the tasks and what it is like to work as a CNA.

Keep in mind that being a CNA is a lot of work and that is why it rewards you with such a great salary. You usually work long hours and there is a certain level of physical strength required by the position. One thing that helps when you are working is the fact that you are truly helping people. If you genuinely like helping people and you are compassionate to others needs you will enjoy being a cna.

There is not a lot of downtime when you are working and you are on your feet a a lot. You will work along side other medical professionals such as registered nurses and doctors. Doctors and RN’s usually handle more immediate care patients so as a CNA you help the patient with tasks such as bathing, helping them move around and walk, transporting them to other areas and being there for them.

Cna jobs can be ever changing because you are helping people and not all patients are the same. Some will be in extreme pain so they may not come off as cordial, but other will be very grateful for your support and will praise you. You just have to be prepared to deal with different situations.

You have to naturally have some of the skills for being a certified nursing assistant, but much of the skills you actually need will be covered in your cna training. It is best to go through a proper training program so you get real life experience and you are prepared for the job. Overall this is a great field and as mentioned if you like helping people then this is a great career for you.

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