CNA Jobs

cna jobsIf you have ever considered becoming a certified nursing assistant and looking for cna jobs, this is an excellent field to get into there are a wide range of positions you will be eligible for after you have completed cna training.

Being a nursing assistant is a very rewarding and challenging career field that offers the chance for helping people and expansion into higher income jobs. If you would like to get into the nursing field, but not go through the lengthy schooling to be a RN or LPN then cna jobs are perfect for you.

CNA Jobs

Working as a CNA is great choice for anyone who is interested in the nursing field and wants to start working soon.  CNAs make a real difference in the lives of patients and their families, and they are a valuable part of the medical care team in a wide variety of settings.  The following are a few of the many types of cna jobs that are offered.

CNA Jobs You Can Work In After Certification

  • Doctors Offices and Clinics - if you are interested in performing a variety of tasks that help doctors care for patients, working in a doctors office may be right for you.  CNAs assist doctors by performing minor procedures, tracking and charting information, and may even assist at the front desk in triaging patients and completing vital clerical work.
  • Hospitals - In hospitals, CNAs perform many of the same functions as they do in doctors offices, but they also complete specialized tasks.  CNAs are vital to the everyday care of patients, and assist with everything from hygiene and feeding to administering medication.  CNAs serve as the primary point of contact for patients and their families, and are part of the fast-paced activities in hospitals.
  • Correctional Facilities - Many people held in correctional facilities have significant medical needs due to a lifetime of limited access to medical care, drug abuse, and poverty.  CNAs perform front line care for these individuals, and often work in a highly independent role providing basic treatment to incarcerated men and women.
  • Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities - As the elder population continues to grow, CNAs are in high demand at nursing homes around the country.  Nearly every community needs CNAs to assist our elderly population with the daily functions of life.  This can include basic hygiene, medical treatment, feeding, and monitoring the health of patients.
  • Home Health Care Providers - If you want the freedom to move around and become one of the most important people in your patient’s life, working as a home health care provider may be right for you.  You can often choose your own hours, and will travel between the homes of patients who require a range of care that you will provide.
  • Schools - The “school nurse” in many cases is actually a CNA.  You will work with children and school personnel to monitor the health of kids, help with ill children, and provide health related education to students.  A perfect career for parents, working as a CNA in an educational facility can be very rewarding.

As you can see from the above list, there are a lot of sub-fields you can go into as a certified nursing assistant. It is not just about working in a hospital. You may or may have not been aware of the above CNA jobs, but hopefully some of them have opened your eyes to how wide open this field of medicine can be for you.

CNA Jobs Offered Everywhere

Becoming a CNA will mean that you can find a job in nearly any city or state in the country.  CNAs are in demand in many settings where the basic care they provide means a greater quality of life for patients and their families. CNA certification is the first step towards a rewarding career in medicine. After you are certified there are countless opportunities and cna jobs for you to to choose from.

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