CNA Salary – How Much Does A CNA Make Per Hour

Many people choose the medical field because of it’s high paying jobs. The other reason is a genuine want, to help people that need care. One medical position that fills both of these needs is, being a cna. A cna salary does depend on your level of training and experience, but it usually starts around $30,000 a year. After 2-3 year of working it can go up quite a bit.

The best chance you have at getting a good job with a great CNA salary is to get the proper training. If you go through an accredited school it is likely to yield a higher paying salary because the employer will know you are qualified. You will have a lot of work to do once you start and shifts are long for a certified nursing assistant.

If you are working and getting hourly pay, you income can go even higher when you work overtime. If you are wondering how much does a cna make per hour, some hospitals will start you off with a salary, but others will pay hourly and that rate is usually around $12-$15 an hour. So if you work 10-14 hour shifts you can see how the hourly pay really adds up. While overtime is good every once in awhile you don’t want to do it to often because you will become burnt out quickly.

You will find that the CNA salary will vary in different parts of the country and even by city. Some cities will pay more that have higher living expenses so if you want to find the highest paying salary, look around in major cities in your locale. This may mean commuting so take that into account.

You will have a lot of options for where you want to work as a CNA because they are in demand, but the longer you are with a certain employer the more likely you will earn a higher salary. Experience and training are the key so even after you get your cna certification, you still want to get more training.

Check with your employer to see if they offer to pay for more schooling. They will often do this and as you do more training it increases your value to them as an employee. This means you are getting free training and you are able to make a higher salary.

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