What Is A CNA?

what is a cnaIf you are just getting into the nursing field you may want to know, what is a CNA? CNA stands for certified nursing assistant. This position is also referred to as certified nursing aide or home health aide.

Since it is in the medical field, the position is in demand. With millions of members of the “baby boomer” generation at or about to reach old age, they will have increased needs for medical care, This means that there is a good expectation that the need for people to work as aides will continue to grow.

What Is A CNA Nurse?

Individuals who do this job spend their days at work assisting patients with the basic tasks of daily living, including helping patients with bathing and showering, using the toilet, dressing, getting in and out of bed, tooth brushing, general grooming and eating.

They may also assist in helping people with exercise and getting around the facility in which they are living. Care of patient rooms, such as straightening up and making beds, may be a part of a CNA’s activity as well.

These aides help nurses in taking vital signs. They will also keep nurses informed about the general condition of patients. If there is a change in a patient’s state of health, the nursing aide is often the one who will notice it first and pass the information on to a nurse.

Certified nursing assistant’s often get to know the people for whom they provide care. There may be a lot of days when the aide is one of only a few individuals who will have social contact with a person. As a result, a sympathetic aide will have a lot of opportunity to give comfort and encouragement to those for whom they provide care.

What Is A CNA And Where Do They Work?

CNA’s are employed in a number of settings. These include nursing homes, facilities for long term care, mental health clinics and assisted living homes. Also, as you might expect from the term “home health aide,” they also work at private residences.

Individual states of the union have their own cna certification exams for those who wish to qualify for employment as a certified nursing assistant. These tests will have both a written portion and a clinical portion. The clinical part of the exam, which tends to be more difficult, will require those being tested to perform several tasks done by certified nursing assistants while official state examiners observe and evaluate the work.

Programs for the knowledge necessary to pass these tests are available at a very large number of colleges and vocational schools. Naturally, these institutions will also train you in the skills needed to do the actual job. After you go through a training program you will have all the skills needed to pass your exams.

What Is A CNA And What Type Of Training Is Needed?

Online cna classes are often an option for any part of your education which does not require learning any “hands on” types of skills. The length of training varies, but usually runs in the range of three weeks to three months. It is recommended that you take care in choosing a school with a good reputation and reasonable prices.

Finally, it is also helpful to know that working as an aide can lead to additional opportunities. A CNA can return to school to train to become an LPN, or licensed practical nurse. The skills and the experience gained working as an aide can help to make this training easier, and an LPN will earn more money. Hopefully now that we have answered the question, “What is a CNA?” you can begin further researching this career to see if it is right for you.

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