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Victor_Fernandez35 03.05.2019 в 08:00
LiveJournal lists that users can hide communities from their profile page by not friending them friended communities are "watched" and by either banning the community from posting in their journal which has no effect since they cannot anyway, but does remove them from the "member of" list or by removing the "friend of" list, which removes the "member of" list in addition to the "friend of" list. In an earlier interview with news.
LukeFingerless 10.05.2019 в 22:58
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Timmy_Smith 11.05.2019 в 05:10
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At the same time the user itself can set own preferences in viewing adult content settings in order not to receive such materials. Controversies and criticism[ edit ] Invite system[ edit ] From September 2, , until December 12, , the growth of LiveJournal was checked by an "invite code" system. If the text messaging feature is set up, anyone or any authorized user can use LiveJournal to send text messages to their cellphone by following a link on the User Info page. These are three basic reasons why Russian women create their profiles on international dating sites.