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2019 May 12 min. 5 sec. 61138 113


Skylapepper 18.05.2019 в 00:26
Petrov stole the puck from Frank Mahovlich and broke away and deked Tony Esposito to score. The name, sweater design and a team song were all prepared in 24 hours, in time for a previously scheduled news conference.
Angeroc 22.05.2019 в 09:07
He wasn't sleeping tho ... he was breathing so fast ....
CorAnthonyWil1 27.05.2019 в 01:06
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CumshotWonderland 21.05.2019 в 11:28
Good video although watched most of it with sound off.
Hema_latha650 18.05.2019 в 10:39
I kinda agree! She is a little thin! Looks a tiny bit like a match stick :/  Not saying the video is not hot though!
Robzaro 23.05.2019 в 02:17
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DavidMaj 18.05.2019 в 00:26
Tretiak frustrated us, but I guess I didn't frustrate them enough. The first period was scoreless, but the Canadians used the period to intimidate the Soviets with hard body checking, especially from Cashman, Bergman, Peter Mahovlich and Parise, to throw the Soviets off their game. The design of the sweater by designer John Lloyd utilized an enormous stylized maple leaf, like the Canadian flag, that covers the front. The refereeing would use the international two referee system, not the one referee, two linemen system in place in the NHL, and, at the time, being introduced into international play. The pre-game presentation was cancelled by the Soviets, but restored on the insistence of Team Canada.